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Garbage And Recycling Schedule

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Created 2008-09-10
Modified 2012-04-24
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Author Michael J. Rohal

Bulk Waste: First Thursday of Every Month

Lincoln Street, Clark Street and South:
Garbage- Every Wednesday and Saturday
Recycling- Every Friday

North of Lincoln and Clark to and including south side of Baldwin Street:
Garbage- Every Tuesday and Friday
Recycling- Every Wednesday

North side of Baldwin Street and North:
Garbage- Every Monday and Thursday
Recycling- Every Tuesday

We value your cooperation, working together to keep our community clean.

Please be aware that kitchen garbage and light trash is picked up in the rear of the house twice each week. Garden and yard debris is picked up at the curb. It must be either bagged or tied in bundles. Loose brush and large tree limbs will not be collected. They must be cut into 30-inch lengths and securely bundled. Heavy trash, garden or yard debris in bags exceeding 35 lbs will not be collected.

Curbside trash and bagged debris should be put out after 6:00 pm preceding the pickup day. If refuse containers are used, they must be removed from curbside within 12 hours after pickup.

Heavy trash and debris is collected the first Thursday of the month for bulk-pickup-day. This service is provided borough-wide. Due to early collection hours, residents are advised to put bulk waste out after 6:00 pm Wednesday evening before the pick-up.

New Recycling Program

Starting January 1, 2010 the Borough will begin a single stream collection of plastics (type 1 through 7), bottles, cans, newspaper and cardboard. All material can be placed in one container.

Single Stream Container Contents

Acceptable Material:

  1. Aluminum Food and Beverage Containers:
    Aluminum soda and beer cans, pet food cans, etc.

  2. Glass Food and Beverage Containers:
    Flint (Clear)
    Amber (Brown)
    Emerald (Green)

  3. Ferrous Cans:
    Tin/Steel soup, food, coffee cans, etc.

  4. Plastic Containers with Symbols #1 through 7
    Plastic containers of various colors

    Milk and fruit juice cartons

  6. Newspaper, magazines and other paper products

  7. G. Cardboard

Materials Not Accepted in Curbside Single Stream Collection:

Mirrors, window or auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics, microwave trays, oil or antifreeze containers, coat hangers, paint cans, 5 gallon pails, tar pails, laundry baskets, vacuum hoses, plumbing accessories, toys, building products, wire of any kind, electrical equipment, dishes, cooking trays, pots, pans, toasters, and general household items. Electrical equipment can be dropped off at the Town Yard on the second Saturday of each month.

The Glen Ridge Public Works Department appreciates your continued cooperation.

Please direct all questions to:

Supervisor of Public Works
973-748-8400 ext. 223


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