Glen Ridge

Film Fund Grant Application:

Agency Name: ________________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________________

Official Title: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________


Telephone Number: ________________________________________

Fax Number: ________________________________________

E-Mail Address: ________________________________________

Fiscal Year End (Month/Day): ________________________________________

Grant Award Period: from:  ___________________  through  _____________________

Are other funds to be utilized for this project? Yes  ________  No  __________

If yes, please identify: Federal $  ________________    Private Contributions $  _________________

State $  __________________    Other $  _________________

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE:  Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Film Fund Grant Application

Any Glen Ridge civic and non-profit organization can apply for a grant, with the exclusion of religious organizations. Programs can be of broad appeal to the Community; however grant applications which promote art and cultural events in the Borough will be given preference by the Community Affairs Committee.

The following information must be provided to the Borough of Glen Ridge, Community Affairs Committee.

  1. A detailed description of the objectives of the project, a proposal for project implementation and a timeline for completion of project milestones.

  2. A description of any capital expenses or capital improvements to be supported with grant funds.

  3. A brief description of the project's short-term and long-range benefits to the organization and/or the Borough.

  4. If applicable, a brief description of how the project will be continued beyond the grant-supported funding period.

  5. Proposed Budget

Please send the completed grant application to:

The Film Fund
c/o Glen Ridge Community Affairs Committee
825 Bloomfield Avenue
Glen Ridge, NJ   07028.