Glen Ridge

Application For Permit To Conduct A Garage Sale
In Accordance With Ordinance #958

Date: ___________         Fee Paid: $ ________

Application No.: ________________________________________

Person Conducting Sale: ________________________________________

Address Of Sale: ________________________________________


Phone Number: ________________________________________

Owner/Lessee Of Premises: ________________________________________

Date Of Sale: ______________ to ______________

Dates & Nature Of Any Past Sale: ________________________________________


Hours Of Sale - 9:00am to 5:00pm only.

I have read the below "Regulations Governing Garage Sales" for the Borough of Glen Ridge. I agree to abide by all ordinances, rules and regulations set forth by the Borough. I understand that if the ordinance is violated, I am subject to being issued a Borough Ordinance Summons for said violation.

Signed  ________________________________________

Regulations Governing Garage Sales:

  1. The term "Garage Sale" includes all advertised sales, such as Garage Sales, Attic Sales, Rummage Sales, Flea Markets or any sale of personal property.

  2. The Occupant (meaning owner or renter) must obtain a Garage Sale permit from the Township Clerk for a fee of $10.00.

  3. Only one permit per year may be issued to any address. A permit is valid for only two (2) consecutive days and must be displayed on the premises during the sale.

  4. The applicant for the permit must supply the Township Clerk with the following information:

    1. The name of the person or group conducting the sale
    2. The name of the owner or renter of the property where the sale will be held
    3. The number of days the sale will be held (not more than 2)

  5. The person(s) conducting the sale are responsible for keeping order on the premises of the sale. No loud or boisterous conduct or traffic snarls are permited.

    The police and fire laws must be obeyed and inspections by the Police and Fire Departments may be made at their discretion.

  6. Hours of the sale must be between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

  7. No signs advertising the sale may be posted on any place other than the premises where the sale is to be held. The sign may not be larger than two (2) feet by two (2) feet in size and may not be displayed on the premises earlier than one week before the sale and must be removed within twenty four (24) hours after the sale. Sales may be conducted only in the house, garage or rear yard.

  8. The Police Department will notify the Building Inspector of any violation of this ordinance and the Building Inspector will investigate and may prosecute a complaint before the Municipal Court for any violations.

  9. Persons who violate any terms of this ordinance while conducting garage sales may be fined, if convicted, not less than $25.00 or more than $100.00, and may be imprisoned for up to ten (10) days for each violation. Each day that an unlicensed sale continues shall be considered a separate violation.

Ordinance No. 958 As Adopted By:
The Mayor & Council
Township Of Glen Ridge Borough