American Linden (Tilia spp.) american linden
Form: Tall, with numerous low hung branches becomes ovate or oblong in shape.
Mature Height: 60' to 80'
Mature Spread: 30' to 40'
Use: Formal large tree provides deep shade for wide streets, boulevard, and park tree in open landscape areas.
Notable Characteristics: Dense foliage, Formal form, Yellow or yellow-brown fall foliage
Limitations: American Linden (Basswood) does best in forests. European varieties like 'Greenspire', Prestige perform better as street trees. Not suitable for street tree planting. Bees are sometimes an issue.
Where can I find this tree in Glen Ridge? Linden Avenue & Hawthorne Avenue
Avon Terrace & Forest Avenue
Wildwood Terrace & Sherman Avenue
american linden