Cherries* (Prunus spp.) cherries
Form: Forked trunk with erect twiggy branches and whip-like twigs (P. subhirtella)..
Mature Height: 20' to 40'
Mature Spread: 15' to 30'
Use: 'Okame' & 'Mazzard' Cherry are suitable to narrow planting medians. Lower branched Flowering Cherry & Plums effective single specimen or in groupings at Borough gateways.
Notable Characteristics: Medium to fast grower, Showy white to pink flowers, reddish-brown striated bark
Limitations: Low branching height and spreading habit make its use as street tree limited. Short lived with many insect make this tree a difficult long-term investment.
Where can I find this tree in Glen Ridge? Clark Avenue & Thomas Street
Chapman Place & Midland Avenue
Stanford Place & Ridgewood Avenue

* Gateway Tree - refer to the Glen Ridge Community Forest Master Plan for more information.