Dogwood* (Cornus spp.) dogwood
Form: Small, low-branched with horizontally spreading lines. Often wider than high.
Mature Height: 20' to 30'
Mature Spread: 20' to 30'
Use: Dogwood should not be planted as a street tree. Effective single specimen or in groupings as understory or Borough gateway tree.
Notable Characteristics: Slow grower, Four season interest, early spring flowering, reddish-purple fall foliage, scaly bark gives winter interest
Limitations: A number of pests and diseases but many cultivars introduced to combat these issues.
Where can I find this tree in Glen Ridge? Tuxedo Road & Ridgewood Avenue
Ridley Court & Outlook Place
Hillside Avenue & Washington Avenue

* Gateway Tree - refer to the Glen Ridge Community Forest Master Plan for more information.