London Planetree (Platanus x acerfolia) london planetree
Form: Pyramidal when young, large, open, wide spreading branches in maturity.
Mature Height: 70' to 100'
Mature Spread: 65' to 80'
Use: Many large historic lines in Glen Ridge's streets. It is a hardy and adaptable tree. Requires a wide pl;anting strip and is best suited to wide avenues and streets
Notable Characteristics: Medium to fast grower, Cream olive, light brown camouflage bark, Yellow brown fall foliage
Limitations: Michael A. Dirr states that many diseases have caught up to the tree and recommends that its use be tempered.
Where can I find this tree in Glen Ridge? Hathaway Place & Sherman Avenue
Laurel Place & Sherman Avenue
Carteret Street & Midland Avenue
london planetree