Glen Ridge

Vacant House Notification

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact (Name): _____________________________________________________

Name of Occupant: ________________________     Address: __________________________

Telephone: _________________________     Telephone: ______________________________

Vacant From: _____________     Return: _____________     Date Reported: ______________

Remarks: _____________________________________________________________________

Alarm Company: _____________________     Alarm Co. Phone #: _______________________

Lights on Timers: ___________________     Animals Left in Home: _______________________

Anyone Else Checking the Home: ____________     Mail/News Paper Stopped: _____________

Vehicles Left in Driveway: ______________     Anyone Staying in the Home: _______________

To notify the Police Department if you are going to be away, print out the above form and complete it, then mail it in or drop it off at the Police Desk, at 3 Herman Street, or just call the Police Department at 973-748-5400 and let them know when you will be away.