Glen Ridge


Ambulance Emergency medical services in Glen Ridge are provided by a three-tiered system which includes police, ambulance, and hospital-based paramedic professionals. A call to 9-1-1 reaches a dispatcher trained to give appropriate instructions until police arrive. In Glen Ridge, all police are First Responder and CPR certified, and are usually on the scene in one minute or less. The Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad is dispatched simultaneously and responds with a crew of at least two certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and one volunteer in an average time of less than five minutes. Non-emergency medical transportation is available without charge, and by advance appointment, for any Glen Ridge resident who is non-ambulatory or requires special equipment or care. Transports may be scheduled for any day of the week between 7AM and 10PM by calling Ambulance Headquarters at 973-748-7721. Funding for the Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad is provided by donations from Glen Ridge Residents.

The GRVAS is always looking for new members to serve as volunteers on the squad. Volunteers are usually residents of Glen Ridge or other surrounding communities in close proximity to Glen Ridge. EMT certification is not required, but can be arranged and provided for at the volunteer's request. Anybody who is interested in serving the community as a member of this volunteer squad should submit a written request to Captain Joe Baione or leave a message requesting a meeting at Ambulance Headquarters, 973-748-7721 or 973-748-5400.

Near By Hospitals
Glen Ridge is within the service area of several major hospitals including the UMDNJ Trauma Center and the Saint Barnabus Burn Center.

Mountainside Hospital is located within the Borough of Glen Ridge. The hospital is a 343-bed teaching hospital located in Glen Ridge. Part of the Atlantic Health System, Mountainside provides a broad range of primary and tertiary services including cardiology, radiology, a full staffed Emergency Room and one of the best-equipped gastrointestinal suites in the tri-state area. In addition, the hospital has a new Chronic Renal Dialysis Unit, a Chest Pain Center in the Emergency Room and a Headache and Pain Management Center.