Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge Notable Trees

Do you have a notable tree in your yard that can easily be seen from the sidewalk? If you do, we are hoping you will nominate it!

The Shade Tree Commission is compiling a list of private trees that contribute to the beauty and history of Glen Ridge.

Trees can be notable because they are linked to Glen Ridge's history, are particularly old, are an unusual species or because they are simply beautiful.

Once all the tree information is compiled, a web-based notable tree walking tour of the Borough will be accessible from our website.

Nominate Your Notable Tree

All submissions will be verified in the field and a photograph will be taken by members of the Glen Ridge Shade Tree Commission or by Borough Staff.


Street Address:
, Glen Ridge, NJ


Tree Species (if known):

Tell us why you think your tree is notable:

I understand that my tree, its address and information submitted about the tree will be publicly listed on the Borough website and literature and possibly integrated into the notable tree tours.