Glen Ridge

Single Stream Recycling Program

What You Need To Know
  • Recycling pick up is once a week. You must place your recycling at the curb the night before to ensure collection. All containers must be free of any debris or food contamination for the purpose of public health.
  • Using a proper recycling bin with a lid and wheels is strongly recommended.
  • Avoid throwing CFL's (compact fluorescent light bulb) into trash or recycling bins. CFL's can be dropped off at any Home Depot's customer service desk.
  • It is against the law to put electronics into the regular garbage stream or curbside recycling.
  • Freecycle (town-wide): First Wednesday of every month. Items can be registered in advance here.
NEW! Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program

Residents are now able to recycle their rechargeable batteries by taking them to the Public Works yard during the Electronics Drop Off, held the second Saturday of every month. Information on what batteries can be recycled can be found here (click here).. Non-rechargeable batteries (i.e. most Duracell, Energizer, etc. batteries) must still be discarded in the trash.

Styrofoam Recycling Program

The Second Saturday of every month from 9:00am-1:00pm, at the Public Works Maintenance Yard (122 Carteret Street), the Borough of Glen Ridge will provide residents the ability to recycle clean white EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) materials, also known as Styrofoam. Click here for details.

Electronics Drop Off

Second Saturday of every month 9:00am-1:00 pm at the Public Works Yard (122 Carteret Street)

Items With Freon

Refrigerators & air conditioners and large electronic items will be picked up by the Borough on Wednesday morning by appointment only. To schedule a pick up, call 973-748-8400 ext 223.

Town-Wide Bulk Waste

First Thursday of every month.

The Recycling Bin's Dirty Dozen

Please help make single-stream recycling a success by keeping these materials OUT.

1   NO Plastic Bags with curbside single stream recycling pickup

Plastic bags are the WORST contaminant in the recycling bin. Please do NOT put plastic bags of any kind in your bin because the entire load will be marked as contaminated. Place your recyclable items inside a bin, not inside a large plastic bag.

2   NO Non-Recyclable Plastic

We now only recycle plastic bottles, jugs, containers and jars marked #1, #2 and #5. All caps and lids must be removed from containers and bottles as they are NOT recyclable. Please completely empty and quickly rinse out all containers before recycling. NO rubber hoses, flower pots or plastic toys of any kind.

3   NO Plastic Lids or Caps

Plastic lids and caps are NOT recyclable on or off the bottle.

4   NO Wax Cardboards

Milk, juice and ice cream containers or aseptic packaging such as juice or soap boxes are not recyclable.

5   NO Frozen Food Boxes OR Microwave Trays

Paperboard boxes that are designed for freezer foods, such as frozen pizza and entrees, have a plastic polymer sprayed on them to protect the food against freezer burn. That same coating prevents the box from breaking up in the recycling process.

6   NO Shredded Paper, Soiled Paper or Napkins

7   NO Ceramics or Non-Recyclable Glass

Ceramics, china, dishes, mirrors, light bulbs, pyrex, porcelain and window glass should NOT go in the bins. (Their different melting points and chemical compositions will ruin new glass bottles. If just one of these items is on the top of the load, the entire load will be marked as contaminated.)

8   NO Diapers or Bio-Hazardous Waste

Syringes and needles, diapers and other sanitary products are NOT recyclable.

9   NO Hazardous Waste

Paint, pesticides, chemical containers, automotive fluids and car batteries must be taken to Essex County's Hazardous Waste Collection.

10   NO Scrap Metal

Scrap metal items of any size should NOT go in your curbside bin. (These items cause excessive damage on the recycling equipment.) NO wires or wire hangers, aerosol cans, electronics, drain pipes, tool boxes or pots and pans.

11   NO Trash

12   NEW Styrofoam (white EPS) Recycling program second Saturday of each month 9:00am-1:00pm (Click Here for details)
NO Styrofoam materials with curbside single stream recycling pickup


The Glen Ridge Public Works Department appreciates your continued cooperation.

What To Recycle (single stream pickup)

Handy Recycling Guide

All cardboard, boxboard or chipboards including merchandise boxes.

All paper and paper products including books, brown paper bags, magazines, manila envelopes, wrapping and tissue paper, office paper, junk mail, phone books, paper towel rolls, newspapers and inserts.

All clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars. (Remove and discard all caps.)

All tin, aluminum or steel cans, foils and trays.

All plastic bottles, jugs, containers and jars marked #1, #2 & #5.

(Rinse out all containers prior to recycling and remove and discard all caps.)


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