Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge Borough's 120th Anniversary Celebration

GR 120th

Glen Ridge traces its beginning to the 1600's but was officially incorporated as a borough in 1895. At the February election of that year, residents decided to secede from Bloomfield and elected their first mayor.

To learn more about the earliest days of our town, visit the Glen Ridge Historical Society.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate this milestone:
  • View Historic Documents

  • View Historic Photos

  • Visit the Glen Ridge Public Library for access to the Glen Ridge Historical Database. This searchable system contains over 100 years of Glen Ridge history including:

    • Glen Ridge High School yearbook The Glenalog (1912 - 2013)
    • The Glen Ridge Paper newspaper (1935-1997)
    • Thousands of photos, including the Russell Glen Ridge home image collection
    • City Directories (1870 - 1971)

    This database is available only on library computers.

  • Visit the new Local History Archive & Research Area at the Glen Ridge Public Library
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