Glen Ridge

Board of Adjustment

In accordance with the State Municipal Land Use Law, the Borough of Glen Ridge has established a Board of Adjustment. Buildings and structures of various types are limited to specific districts and are regulated with respect to type, nature and extent of their use. These ordinances reflect the goals in the Master Plan.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is empowered to grant exceptions to the zoning ordinances in cases where the literal and rigid interpretation and enforcement of the zoning laws would impose a hardship.

Zoning variances may impact surrounding property owners. Therefore, the Zoning laws require that a notice be served on every property owner within 200 feet of the property that is requesting a variance. This notice advises neighboring property owners of the relief being sought and of the fact that all interested citizens will have an opportunity to be heard at the meeting.

All meetings of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are conducted formally. Applicants and witnesses are sworn and the meeting is recorded. Applicants must present their case to the Board. Individuals may be represented by an attorney, and corporations must be represented by an attorney.

At times the Board is assisted by an attorney, a Professional Planner, and a Professional Engineer. These professionals always inspect the site of any project to be discussed, and their opinions are considered by the Board in its deliberations.

Please contact our office at or 973-748-8444 with any questions or to request an application.

2022 Membership William SEEMAN
Felicia BERGER
Raymond SCOTT
Dennis KRIEN
Garry Sprong (Alternate 1)
Sean Payne (Alternate 2)
  Alan Trembulak, Esq. Board Attorney
Erik DeLine, AICP/PP
  Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm
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