Glen Ridge

Department History

Captain Byron-Lagattuta supervising fire scene on Essex Avenue, May 2009  
November 26, 2007 Captain Sheila Byron-Lagattuta providing an annual training seminar at the Glen Ridge High School on Domestic Violence.  
Police Officer Sean Quinn (center) with Chief John R. Magnier and Captain Sheila Byron-Lagattuta. Officer Quinn recently graduated first in his class form the Essex County Police Academy, he is receiving his Second Chance Body Armor purchased by the Glen Ridge Rotary Club. The Rotary Club has been providing every new officer with body armor for over 25 years.  
2006 National Night Out  
November 2005 Glen Ridge Office of Emergency Management (OEM) unveils the first Mobile Command Post. Inside is a communications systems, phones and wireless laptop containing essential information required for emergency management.  
circa 1939 Chevrolet  
Police Officer Giuseppe Oliva sworn-in as a Glen Ridge Police Officer, witnessed by his wife Kristy. Borough Clerk Michael Rohal administering the Oath of Office before the Borough Council on Tuesday October 11, 2005.  
Michael Rohal, Borough Clerk (left) is administering the Oath of Office to Glen Ridge Police Officer Dean Gnardellis, witnessed by his girlfriend Sharon. The ceremony took place before the Mayor and Borough Council Tuesday, October 11, 2005.  
Sgt. Robert Zeuner as a cast member for the film production of Imaginary Hero's  
November 3, 2008, Fingerprinting by the Glen Ridge Police Department at the Forest Avenue School. From left to right Kevin Foster, William Johnson, Grace O'Keefe & John Kinney. Fingerprinting at the elementary schools is an annual event by the Detective Bureau - Detective First Grade Edward Johnson and Detective Carlos Alvarez, all information is returned to the parents for their personal file concerning their children. (pictures printed with permission of parents)  
Det. Ed Johnson at the 2008 Arts Festival helping children with the fingerprint identification kit.  
2006 National Night Out  
2006 National Night Out  
November 24, 2005 at the Ashenfelter 8K Race is OEM Coordinator Sergeant Robert Griffin at the Communications Station, Deputy Borough Administrator Michael Zichelli and Lieutenant Paul Bruno review assignments and posts prior to the start of the 1200 registered runners.  
1974 Plymouth Satellite  
Police Officers Dean Gnardellis and Giuseppe Oliva present themselves before the Mayor and Borough Council to take the Oath of Office as Glen Ridge Police Officers.  
Police Officer Dean Gnardellis and Officer Giuseppe Oliva with the (unofficial) Borough Bagpiper Melisa Morse, Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Swearing-In Ceremony.  
November 2002 Police Instructor's Sgt. Robert Zeuner (standing) and Lt. Paul Bruno demonstrate proper procedures during Use of Force Training.