Glen Ridge

Domestic Violence Response Team

Domestic Violence is a serious crime. In order to help victims of domestic violence get the help they need and deserve, the Glen Ridge Police Department has created this web page. This web page provides information to victims about the legal process and organizations whose mission is to assist victims of domestic violence. The Glen Ridge Police Department recognizes that women and men may be the victims of domestic violence. For convenience, we have referred to the victim as a female and the abuser/defendant as a male.

Help For Victims

If you are a victim of domestic violence, call 911 for immediate assistance. Depending upon the offense the abuser committed, your case will be handled at the Superior, Family, or Municipal level. The Borough of Glen Ridge and the Glen Ridge Police Department provide a Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team comprised of civilian volunteers who provide victims with information regarding criminal charges and obtaining Restraining Orders. Team members also offer referrals to victims regarding counseling, support groups and battered women's shelters. The Domestic Violence Unit of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office works closely with these teams to help victims gain immediate assistance and eventual justice.

How To Obtain A Restraining Order

As a domestic violence victim, you have the right to request a temporary restraining order, a legal document that stops the abuser from contacting you and members of your immediate family in any way. To apply for an order, you must appear before a judge or hearing officer between 8:30am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday to show that you are in danger of further violence and that the order is necessary to protect your life and well-being. The Essex County Family Court is located at:

Wilentz Justice Complex
Room 1251, 12th Floor
212 Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102
Phone: 973-693-6840

Office Hours for filing complaints: 8:30am to 3:30pm

If the Family Court is closed, you may also obtain an order at your local police department. Once the temporary restraining order has been issued, you must return to the Family Court in ten (10) days to have your temporary order finalized.

For more information about the Domestic Violence Response Team, call 973-748-5400

Organizations That Can Help

There are many organizations that provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. Below is a list of some of those organizations. These organizations will help a victim access the legal system, find shelter and obtain counseling.